Sherry P.  

When dealing with legal issues, it's comforting to know that you can trust you have someone on your side. In August 2014 we called Veronica Melero Bail Bonds for bail assistance. My sisters and I were in over our heads, not knowing what to expect or how to cope. Angel Lopez was truly a guiding light through the murky waters. He was hours away dealing with his own family emergency when he received our first call & took action immediately. We were able to post bail that same night & bring our loved one home.

Three months later (November 2014) we are facing more legal issues & he has done so much for us, going above & beyond the call of duty to ensure that we are not taken advantage of. He has helped us find the right kind of help that best fits our family's needs. Angel does not place his own interests above that of his clients & his word has proven true. We are indebted to Angel for his honesty, kindness, & generosity. I highly recommend Angel to anyone who is need of a trustworthy bondsman. Thank you, Angel from the bottom of my heart!

Gabriel M.  

After much stress dealing with a friend in need of help for bail, I needed more information to make a wise decision. I spoke to Angel as he was very knowledgable, patient, and helpful answering all of my questions. Angel consulted with me over the phone for about 30min explaining the process along with some much needed guidance in this situation which hasn't been easy to deal with but after speaking to him, I felt much better knowing what my options were even though i did not use there services for my friends bail. I have contacted a few other places prior but VM made me feel very comfortable enough to allow myself to have peace of mind.

My friends situation at the time didn't seem to be worth it to be bailed out as no bail was recommended. That being said, I felt that there is true honesty, loyalty, respect, humbleness with the staff/team at Veronica Melero Bail Bonds as I would not hesitate to utilize there service if needed or refer to someone else in need.

Kristina T.  

It's already a stressful situation when your in need of any bail bonds. My family member of mines got into some misunderstandings and had to consult with a lawyer (Erik Johnson, review to follow) and he recommended Veronica Melero. She explained the whole process and had very good communications. You could text her anytime and get a response right away. She also gave us a great deal on top of no-interest 6 months financing. She had Angel help take us to the sheriffs dept. to post bail for my cousin. Angel IS AWESOME! It only took 30 mins. for him to do all the paperwork, but waiting for them to take my cousin's records took them 3 hours. We were soo scared to sit in the sheriffs office by ourselves and asked him to stay. He stayed the whole time while his daughter waited in the car for him. I felt soo bad making him wait, but my folks were soo scared and just felt better having him wait with us. I would see other people post bail and after just let their client wait by themselves and leave, but Angel was kind enough to stay with us. He also was very thorough explaining the whole process and just gave us peace in mind. I appreciate all these people have done for my family in a time of need.

I highly recommend Veronica Melero Bail Bonds if you ever need to post bail. I know it sucks but these people help makes the process alitte simpler.

Tony A.  

At a time of uncertainty Veronica Melero bail bonds was there for me. When I called to get some advice on my case Veronica spent 45 minutes on the phone with me and provided all the essential information that I needed to proceed. When the time was right for me to handle my business we worked out a time that would be ideal to get in and out of the sheriff's office without having to wait for hours. Angel was awesome, he took me in at 10 pm and we were out of there within half an hour. Angel stayed with me the whole time which took away all the anxiety of an unfortunate situation. They even suggested a brilliant attorney to handle my case.

Thank you for all your help!

Saree M.  

OMG!! I read other posts on Veronica and decided to call her. My son needed help and she took care of within an hour!! If you ever need to post bail in Santa Clara Co, CA, don't hesitate to call Veronica Melero!!

Feroz A.  

Well, I will not get into the details of why we needed their services, but suffice it to say that when my family needed help, Angel and Veronica were there for us, even late into the evening.

They were compassionate about our situation, genuinely cared about what we were going through, and most important of all, they were extremely knowledgable, efficient, professional, and walked us through the entire process.

They also also recommended some very good attorneys that specialized in our type of situation.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to require bail bond services, I would without hesitation recommend Angel and Veronica.

Heather W.  

This is the best bail bond place in the bay area to go to. They are very professional, and actually care about your situation. Veronica will treat you nicely, instead of treating you like a criminal. They also have a great deal of experience. I was a nervous wreck with my warrant, and she put me at ease. Thank you Veronica and staff!

-Heather de Almeida

Maria T.  

I can't thank Angel Lopez enough. It was 2:30 am and he was there. He called the jail and got all the specifics I couldn't. I know I woke him up; but he was as upbeat and positive through the, probably 2 hours we spent on and off the phone. I was actually sorry my friend had gotten someone on their own, after I was asked to find someone. I would recommend Veronica Melero Bail Bonds to anyone that needs this service. I knew nothing about the 'what, where, when, and whys'. Angel explained everything and was willing to go the extra mile. If Veronica has someone like Angel working for her, she must be the best. Angel is an angel, thank you so much.

Yolette Y.  

This girl ROCKS~!!

I had an issue that didn't make sense to me, so I called Veronica who even though I didn't end up needing bail, she went above & beyond to make calls for me to get more info~!

Everyone's time is worth something, and Veronica spent some of her time to help me with this problem quickly & pleasantly. Hopefully, I'll never need bail, but if I should, I'm definitely calling Veronica~!!

I highly recommend Veronica to anyone needing bail :D

Danny D.  

I "had a friend" who had a speeding ticket that quickly spiraled into a hot messy disaster with the County of San Diego Sheriff's Dept, resulting in a scary warrant for his "immediate arrest" letter in his mailbox.

Veronica Melero talked to him and clearly explained his options and what the possible outcomes would be. For $150 she had Angel from her office handle the case promptly and professionally.

They showed up at court on the same day, and it turned out that SD County wouldn't take the bail. Angel explained the situation, recommended what "my friend" should do next, and then offered to refund the entire $150 to my friend.

I'm very impressed that Veronica and Angel went out of their way to give good advice, and do all this work on my friend's behalf, without charging him a dime in the end.

This is excellent, professional service. I would never go it alone when it comes to legal matters like this and got pretty lucky that I found VM Bail Bonds on Yelp (for my friend). Seems like they are a smaller company, not like Aladdin, so it could have been hit or miss. I'm glad it was definitely a hit and I am sure "he" would not have received such personal and helpful service at Aladdin or any of the bigger companies.

Andrea P.  

My brother was in need of bail. Me being the yelper that I am I went straight to the reviews. Im glad I seen Veronica Melero at the top and honestly I scimmed through a few more but after I called Veronica for some information I was certain she was the right one. Veronica got my brother in and out of a situation fast, easy and informed us of every process along the way. I never knew it would be this easy. I would definately recommend Veronica to anyone in need.

Sam C.  

I Recently had Got Into A Bit Of Trouble. My Attorney Gave Me The Scariest Phone Call And Told Me I Had a Warrant out For My Arrest and That I Would Need To Turn Myself In. I was So Terrified! My attorney Told Me To Contact Veronica And Let me Tell You The Moment I Spoke To Her And She Told Me The Process It Was Calming I Automatically knew I Was In Good Hands. Then The Day Came When I Had To Turn Myself In. That's When I Met Angel The Most Amazing Caring Person I've Met By Far. He Explained The Whole Process To Me And Made It Sound So Not Scary. He Sat with Me Until They Booked Me And Was There When I Was Done Doing The Whole Fingerprint Process. These People Are Amazing! If You Have A Question You Are Able To Call Or Text Them. If Your Scared They Are There For You. THANK YOU VERONICA AND ANGEL Keep Doing What Your Doing You Guys Are Truly Here To Help People!!!! I Recommend Them To The Max!!!!

Anthony B.  

I had to write a review even though I didn't end up using her service. My ex was arrested and I didn't know the charges or the bail or anything. I called them at 5am and she called the police station and got all the details for me. It turned out that it was just a DUI and didn't require bail. She told me when/where they usually get let out in the morning. No charge, she just helped me out because she could and that's awesome.

Wendy A.  

Very fast! Very professional! Very friendly! And extremely helpful! Veronica and Angel explained everything step by step and Angel was with me and made sure all documents and court days where set and sign. I will recommend Veronica and Angel to who ever is in need if this type of services.

Allison S.  

I was in the unfortunate situation of needing a bail bonds company to get a loved one out of jail. I Yelped bail bonds companies and Veronica's was the first to come up, plus she had 5 stars. I was understandably very upset by my predicament, and when I called Veronica to ask about how bail works, she not only answered my questions but also asked me if I was okay (which I wasn't) and tried to comfort me. Without me having agreed to her business, she got information from the jail for me about my loved one when I had been getting only recorded messages. I was so touched by her thoughtfulness I decided to use her the next day to get my loved one out of jail.

Angel, one of her employees, stopped at the jail on the way to my house to get the bail process started, before we'd even met, because apparently it can take hours. He then came to my house to meet me and fill out the paperwork. He explained the whole process, answered all my questions, and was also very reassuring.

Angel and Veronica (who never failed to answer her phone/text messages) made what was a very stressful and painful process much less so. I got my loved one out of jail not five hours later. If you're in need of a bail bonds person, don't assume big name brand companies are better - with Veronica and Angel, you'll get personal service and attention, not to mention much-needed support.

Plus you get a discount if you mention you found them on Yelp. Every little bit helps.

Traci M.  

I am a criminal defense attorney, and I will only send my clients to Melero Bail Bonds. Veronica and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable, focused and careful. This company goes beyond the call of duty. I always know my clients will be taken care of in the most efficient way when Veronica and her staff are involved. . If you need a bail company and want excellent service, want to remain informed and want t0 know that your best interests are the primary concern, then contact Melero Bail Bonds.

Francis I.  

I was in need of a bails bond for my boss. I had no idea what to do since i had never been in need of bail. Luckily the morning before my boss was arrested I had heard on the radio about Veronica Melero Bails Bonds so she is the person I contacted. I am more than pleased with her dedication. She kept me informed of everything that was going on and helped me understand how bails bonds works. I highly recommend her not only to our Hispanic community but to everyone in need of a professional and dedicated bails bond. Thank you again Veronica for all your help!!!

La Vie M.  

Had to use a bail bondsman today and I'm sure happy it was with Mrs. Melero. Awesome customer service made a awful experience as pleasant as possible. Would always recommend Melero Bail Bondsman!

Ed G.  

If your looking for a bail bonds service in your time of need, look no further. My first time having to deal with a bail bonds service and luckily, I didn't have to even stay the night in jail. Veronica Melero could tell right away that the type of warrant I had didn't even require me to stay overnight in jail (Heck yeah!!!). I was so relieved. If I hadn't contacted her and just turned myself in, I definitely would have been booked into county jail. She was fast, professional, very knowledgable, and you can tell that she cares about her clients rights and it shows. I met her at her office at around 2:50pm. We did the paperwork at her office, drove to the sjpd warrants unit (we followed her car there), cleared my warrant, set up a court date (I got to chose my court date from what they had available, sweet!), got my picture taken and ran my fingerprints in the system and we were out of there by 4:30pm. Wow. I couldn't believe how fast it was. Now, I hope I don't have to see her again (cause that would mean I would be in trouble with the law, lol) but, if your looking for a expert in helping you getting out and sleeping at home at the end of the night, call Veronica Melero, She gets the job done. Thank you Veronica!

Maribel H.  

Veronica, has provided the best customer service to our clients. She goes out of her way to help us. If you call her at 4:00 am she will get up and drive to Santa Rita, Monterrey, or Santa Clara County to post bail. She has her phone on 24/7 she is also bilingual.

Archie G.  

Unlike Monopoly, in real life, there is no "Get Out of Jail Free" card.

Sadly, Santa Clara County salivates over any crime. If the San Jose Police Department can arrest you and throw you in jail on enhanced charges, they will do it.

For example, if you shout at some loser on the basketball court that he doesn't deserve to wear his Jordan jersey and you tell him to take it off - and he gives it you - they can arrest you for "felony strong armed robbery." Or if you accidentally hit a meter maid with your car as you are backing out, they will arrest you for "felony assault with a deadly weapon." As funny as those examples may sound, I am not joking.

Even if it's near impossible to prove those bogus charges in court, the SJPD will do it. Remember, lawyers are white collar professionals that had to spend four years in university. three years in law school, and must pass the rigorous BAR exam to practice law. An average cop is a blue collar county employee that just had to graduate high school and get through a few weeks of police academy in order to clumsily piece together crime scenes, bust people up, throw them in jail, and then go eat at Chipotle to celebrate.

That gap in intelligence is just one of the many things wrongs with our legal system, as you have scholarly and weaselly wordsmiths deciding cases in the courts, but former jocks with the IQ of 77 enforcing the law on the streets.

Anyway, the higher the charge the more expensive your bail, cost get out, and your private defense attorney will be. And of course, the District Attorney will have much more to work with in terms of a plea deal resulting in possible jail time, community service, and restitution. It's all a game to them. I know this to be true because I have a few "gangsta" rap albums in my pink iPod. Thug life, sucka.

As much as the media wants you to believe that all of this is a drain on our county and state resources, there is a reason more prisons are being built than schools, colleges, or universities. Simply, they are cash cows that are big business and even exchanged on the stock market. Just like anything in life, follow the money trail. And in doing so, you'll see the truth.

So when sh*t (or life) happens to you or a friend, be sure to post bail. It might be pricey at times, but it shows you care about your freedom and this strikes fear into the District Attorney since it's much easier to put you in jail if you are already in jail. With that said, if you want to bail out, you need call up the most professional, hardworking, and compassionate bail bonds person in the Bay Area, and that is Veronica of Veronica Melero Bail Bonds.

She doesn't act tough or put up any thug like fronts like other bail agents. She is just a professional who speaks English and Spanish, is very thorough and answers any questions about the bail process, and diligently works the phones to give you any up to date info on a bail release. She is with you every step of the way. In other words, she actually cares.

I have used her several times and would recommend her to a friend. In fact, I have used her services to bail my friends who were locked up on ludicrous charges compliments of the SJPD.

In real life, there is no "Get of Jail Free" card. But Veronica Melero is the closest thing out there.

Humble Soul L.  

Recently, I got into some unexpected trouble on a supposedly peaceful night out. After everything, I end up with felony assault charges against me for protecting a family member who was being jumped (assaulted) at a bar. Apparently, one of the individuals that assaulted my family member, ends up filing charges against me. So, I end up in the main jail in San Jose. My lovely wife, being a loyal YELP user, immediately gets on this website. She finds VERONICA MELERO BAIL BONDS as the TOP RATED for bail services. VERONICA and RUVI (her teammate) gets right to work with completely 5-STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am bailed out as soon as I am booked (within a couple hours). I never knew this GREAT of customer service was available...especially for bail services. VERONICA and RUVI must have received their training from FOUR SEASONS HOTEL or something. Not only that, but they were both very COMPASSIONATE...they must be CHRISTIANS indeed. Lol. The service did not stop there, they also assisted us with recommendations for attorneys in the San Jose area which I surely needed to defend the charges against me. WOW! What a GREAT experience from BEGINNING to END in a very unpleasant situation. I surely hope none of you guys/gals out there will ever need bail, but if you do...then I STRONGLY RECOMMEND using VERONICA MELERO BAIL BONDS. EXCELLENT JOB TO VERONICA & RUVI. - THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!